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    1. STAR mCollection

      1. STAR MCL32 :

        Applicable for Environment-friendly linerless strong adhesive sticky paper
      2. STAR MCP21LB :

        World First All-in-One Omni-Channel Printer
      3. STAR MCP31 :

        World First All-in-One Omni-Channel Printer
      4. STAR POP10 :

        The World's 1st Bluetooth Combined 58mm Printer and Cash Drawer
      5. STAR POP10CI :

        The World's 1st USB Type C (Apple Mfi Certified) Combined 58mm Printer and Cash Drawer
    2. STAR Thermal Printer

      1. STAR HSP7000 :

        High Speed, 203dpi Thermal / Matrix Multifunction Receipt Printer
      2. STAR TSP043 :

        New Budget, High Performance & Low Cost Receipt Printer
      3. STAR TSP043E :

        Low Cost Ethernet Receipt Printer with built-in dual Chinese Character Rom
      4. STAR TSP1000 :

        Versatile Low Cost Thermal Printer with Receipt/Ticket Stacker & 18cm Paper roll
      5. STAR TSP100III :

        Faster, Easier, Better!
      6. STAR TSP100IV :

        Designed for modern Point of Sale, Super Compact & Internal Power Supply
      7. STAR TSP143IIIW :

        Wireless Thermal Receiept Printer for iOS, Android & Windows
      8. STAR TSP143IVL :

        First Sticky paper printer with visual status display & alerting buzzer in the world
      9. STAR TSP700II :

        Multi-Functional Barcode, Label, Ticket and Receipt Printer
      10. STAR TSP800II :

        High Speed, 112mm Wide Barcode, Label, Receipt and Ticket Printer
    3. STAR Impact Printer

      1. STAR SP298 :

        Reliable, Cost Effective Slip Printer, (Up to 3.1 lps)
      2. STAR SP322II :

        3.5" sprocket type paper
      3. STAR SP6000 :

        Multi-purpose Slip / Receipt / Invoice, Impact Printer
      4. STAR SP700 :

        High Speed Cloud Printing , Receipt / Kitchen Printers
    4. STAR Portable Printer

      1. STAR 4P Battery Holder :

        Charge up to four extra batteries at once
      2. STAR Car Charger :

        Charge the printer on the go.
      3. STAR L200 :

        The Cost Effective and Compact 58mm Bluetooth Low Energy Portable Printer
      4. STAR L200 Battery :

        Extra batteries for L200 series is available to ensure maximum uptime.
      5. STAR L300 :

        Compact 40mm~80mm Mobile Bluetooth Receipt and Label Printer
      6. STAR L300 Battery :

        Extra batteries for L300 series is available to ensure maximum uptime.
      7. STAR S200 S220i Battery :

        Extra batteries for S200 & S220i series are available to ensure maximum uptime.
      8. STAR S200 S220i Battery Holder :

        Individual chargers for extra S200 & S220i series batteries
      9. STAR S220i :

        Compact 58mm Pocket Size Mobile Printer with MFi approval
      10. STAR S300 S400 Battery :

        Extra batteries for S300 & S400 series are available to ensure maximum uptime.
      11. STAR S300 S400 Battery Holder :

        Individual chargers for extra S300 & S400 series batteries
      12. STAR T300 :

        80mm Rugged, Dust & Splash Proof, Bluetooth or Wifi Mobile Printer
      13. STAR T300 Shoulder Strap :

        Allows the printer to always be at the user's hip
      14. STAR T300 T300i Battery :

        Extra batteries for T300 & T300i series are available to ensure maximum uptime.
      15. STAR T300 T300i Battery Holder :

        Individual chargers for extra T300 & T300i series batteries
      16. STAR T300i :

        80mm Rugged, Dust & Splash Proof, Apple iOS/Android/Windows Bluetooth Printer
    5. STAR Printer Mechanism

      1. STAR MP292 :

        Bi-directional impact printer capable of printing graphics using a highly reliable 9-pin print head
      2. STAR MP511S :

        Design for sprocket paper, up to 0.35mm paper thickness
      3. STAR MP512FMC :

        High reliability impact printer mechanism with straight paper path design
      4. STAR MP512III :

        An ideal solution for Electronic Cash Register (ECR), Data Terminals and Testing Equipments
      5. STAR MP517III :

        18-pin print head can print Chinese characters in ONE pass
      6. STAR SK1-311 :

        58/80mm Space-Saving, Lightweight Printer - Receipt, Label & Ticket
      7. STAR SK1-V311 :

        58/80mm Vertical Kiosk Printer - Receipt, Label & Ticket
      8. STAR SK5-31 :

        New Generation Thermal Kiosk Printer supported Anti Paper Jam Function
      9. STAR TBD900 :

        A dedicated circuit board designs for driving STAR TMP900 thermal printer mechanism
      10. STAR TMP942 :

        Wide and Standard Format, Thermal Receipt, Label and Ticket Printer Mechanism
      11. STAR TUP900 :

        Versatile, Open Frame 80mm-112mm A4 Replacement Receipt, Ticket/Label Solution
    6. STAR Rewrite Card

      1. STAR SRC-T5G :

        PET Magnetic One Time Thermal Card (Thin, Black Image color)
      2. STAR SRC-E5GC :

        PET Magnetic Rewrite Card (Thin, Blue Rewritable color)
      3. STAR SRC-E5GK :

        PET Magnetic Rewrite Card (Thin, Black Rewritable color)
      4. STAR SRC-W5G :

        PET Magnetic Rewrite Card (Thin, White Rewritable color, Silver Background)
      5. STAR TCP300II :

        Compact, High Speed Rewrite Card Printer for Thin Card Types
      6. STAR TCP300V :

        Standalone application with large LCD and internal data storage
    7. STAR Accessories

      1. STAR BCR12D :

        Capable of scanning printed barcode or e-barcode
      2. STAR BU-01 :

        Buzzer for warm reminder
      3. STAR CB2002 :

        Cost-effective, secure cash drawer for tablet & PC POS
      4. STAR CD3336 :

        Space-Saving & Compact Design, mini cash drawer for smart POS
      5. STAR HCM12A :

        Compact 1D & 2D barcode scanner module
      6. STAR HCR12BT :

        Support USB cable or Bluetooth connection plus docking for data exchanging & charging
      7. STAR Interface Card :

        A wide range of interfaces for STAR printer to meet customers' request and system upgrades
      8. STAR M200 :

        Printer Status Indicator (Display + Buzzer)
      9. STAR PS60 :

        Universal Power Supply (100V ~ 240V)
      10. STAR RC200B :

        Genuine Ribbon for SP200 / SP298 / SP500 series printer
      11. STAR RC300B :

        Genuine Black Ribbon for SP300 / SP320 series printer
      12. STAR RC6000B :

        Genuine Black Ribbon for SP6000 series printer
      13. STAR RC700BR RC700B :

        Genuine Red/Black & Black Ribbon for SP700 series printer
      14. STAR RC7KB :

        Genuine Black Ribbon for HSP7000 series printer
      15. STAR RJ2P :

        RJ2P Cash Drawer Port Divider
    8. Micro Audio Components

      1. HGP-05AM, HGP-12AM :

        Magnetic Sounder (Washable)
      2. HMB-06, HMB-12 :

        Self-Contained Drive Circuit Buzzer
      3. MLT-03GC :

        Magnetic Sounder (Non-Washable)
      4. MLT-03HH, MLT-05HH :

        Magnetic Sounder (Non-Washable)
      5. NAT-05A, NAT-12A :

        Magnetic Sounder (Non-Washable)
      6. NDT-03 :

        Dynamic Speaker
      7. PMX-04B :

        Magnetic Sounder (Non-Washable)
      8. QMB-06SL, QMB-12SL :

        Magnetic Sounder (Washable)
      9. QMB-105P :

        Magnetic Sounder (Non-Washable)
      10. QMB-108P :

        Magnetic Sounder (Non-Washable)
      11. QMB-111PN, QMB-111GPN, QMB-111PC :

        Magnetic Sounder (Non-Washable)
      12. QMX-05, QMX-12 :

        Magnetic Sounder (Washable)
      13. RMX-06, RMX-12Y :

        Magnetic Sounder (Washable)
      14. SAC-30A, SAC-30B, SAC-30C, SAC-30D :

        Dynamic Speaker
      15. SAE-20AH, SAE-20CH :

        Dynamic Speaker
      16. SAG-40A, SAG-40C :

        Dynamic Speaker
      17. SAL-40A :

        Dynamic Speaker
      18. SCG-16A, SCG-16B-LS :

        Dynamic Speaker
      19. SCM-09C :

        Dynamic Speaker
      20. TMB-05B, TMB-12B :

        Self-Contained Drive Circuit Buzzer
      21. TMX-05C3T CS NL, TMX-06A3T NL, TMX-12 SA3NL :

        Magnetic Sounder (Washable)
      22. TMX-12F :

        Magnetic Sounder (Washable)
      23. TMX-12H :

        Magnetic Sounder (Washable)
  3. STAR Support

    1. STAR Gerenal FAQ

      1001. Why should I use Star ribbons and not cheaper ribbons manufactured by another company?
      1002. What is the definition of reliability figures "MCBF" ?
      1003. Can the Star auto cutter cut thicker paper/label than the specification?
      1004. Why does my Star receipt printer print question marks at the beginning of a print task?
      1005. What is "Top Search" function?
      1006. Why does my thermal printer feed blank paper without any printing?
      1007. What does "MSW" setting mean? How can I set it?
      1008. What is the difference between a "direct" thermal and a thermal "transfer" printer?
      1009. How can I drive the Cash Drawer by control code? What is the difference of <BEL> and <FS> command?
      1010. What is "code page" ?
      1011. What is the purpose of the ferrite core?
      1012. What are the pro and con of using serial communication? What are the pro and con of a parallel communication?
      1013. What is the "compulsion switch" in the cash drawer connecter?
      1014. Is Star's ESC/POS emulation fully compatible to EPSON printer?
      1015. How to identify the model number of STAR printer?
      1016. I bought a STAR printer. How to print Chinese character in Android, iPhone & iPad ?
      1017. Which STAR products are supported by Shopify?
      1018. Which STAR products are supported by Shopline?
    2. STAR Impact Printer Support

      2001. Can I detect the end of the paper roll before it run out completely?
      2002. Can I mount the printer vertically on the wall?
      2003. What is the maximum paper width and paper thickness of the printer?
      2004. Can I keep a second copy of the receipt?
      2005. Can SP700 & SP500 print in Red/Black?
      2006. Why SP2000 cannot print at full speed in ESC/POS mode?
      2007. Why SP2000 cannot print at full speed of 3.1 lps in Star mode?
      2008. How do I perform a self-test print with an SP298?
      2009. How do I get my SP700 & SP500 to print Chinese characters by direct command?
      2010. On SP300, the alarm light goes on and it will not print a self-test. What is the cause to this situation?
      2011. Can I print Traditional Chinese characters (Big5) by SP700 or SP500 or SP2000?
      2012. How can I control the black mark by SP700 & SP500?
      2013. What is "Contextual auto cut" ?
      2014. What is the Chinese font specification of Star impact printers?
      2015. What is the length of fabric inside ribbon used on SP700 & SP500?
      2016. Is it possible to use fanfold paper in SP700 & SP500, likes SP322?
      2017. Why is pause occurred when continuously printing for long time?
      2018. Will data be kept when front cover of SP700 is opened?
      2019. Can buzzer be plugged into SP700 & SP500?
      2020. What is the advantage of SP700 18-pins printer?
      2021. Can logo be stored inside impact printer?
    3. STAR Thermal Printer Support

      3001. What is the maximum paper width of Star thermal printer?
      3002. Can I use narrower paper rolls?
      3003. What paper thickness can be used?
      3004. Does Star printer support printing on pre-printed ticket rolls?
      3005. Does Star printer support label printing?
      3006. Can Star printer print barcodes?
      3007. Can Star printer be wall mounted?
      3008. How do I set-up Star printer to recognize the black marks on my tickets or labels?
      (Star FVP10 / TSP700 / TSP700II / TSP800 / TSP800II / TSP828L / TSP1000 only)

      3009. Why do Star printers cannot recognize the black marks on my labels, instead it just feeds several labels and then gives a paper out error?
      (Star Star FVP10 / TSP700 / TSP700II / TSP800 / TSP800II / TSP828L / TSP1000 only)

      3010. What are the differences between version I, version II and Z model printers of Star TSP400?
      3011. How can I control black mark by Star Star FVP10 / TSP700 / TSP700II / TSP800 / TSP800II / TSP828L / TSP1000 ?
      3012. Print density is not enough. How can I do?
      3013. I would like to shorten the top margin length. How can I do?
      3014. What is the Chinese Fonts specification of Star Thermal printers?
      3015. What kinds of driver does Star TSP100 support?
      3016. How do I know paper is running out or almost used up?
      3017. How to adjust TSP828's transmission sensor to detect label gap correctly?
      3018. How to toggle TUP592's snout LED?
      3019. How to reset TSP143IIILAN (TSP100IIILAN) ?
    4. STAR Mobile Printer Support

      4001. Can STAR printer print with iPhone, iPAD, Android or Win Mobile?
      4002. Which encryption does SM-T301-DW50 wifi mobile printer support?
      4003. How to emulate bluetooth as a virtual COM?
      4004. How to switch Emulation between ESC/POS and StarPRNT mode?
      4005. How to adjust L300 label gap sensor sensitivity?
    5. STAR Interface Port Support

      5001. Which interfaces are available for Star FVP10, TSP100, TSP650, TSP650II, TSP700II, TSP800II & SP700II ?
      5002. Is there an RS422A interface available?
      5003. Why won't my serial printer work with the raster drivers?
      5004. What happens if I set handshake setting incorrectly?
      5005. Why cannot my printer be ON when I connect the parallel printer to PC?
      5006. What is the recommended connection of RS232C to PC?
      5007. What is DTR mode?
      5008. What is Xon/Xoff mode?
      5009. [Video] How to setup Wifi connection?
      5010. How do I avoid reinstalling printer driver when I plug my printer into a different USB port?
    6. STAR Printer Driver Support

      6001. How do I install the Star Printer Drivers?
      6002. Why is there no driver listed for my printer model?
      6003. Why does my printer go into an error condition or do nothing when I try to print?
      6004. How I send the control codes to the printer?
      6005. How can I open a cash drawer?
      6006. I am using TrueType fonts and printing is very slow. Is there any way to speed it up?
      6007. Is there any way to speed up graphics printing?
      6008. Why can I not print anything on this Star SP200 or Star DP8340 dot-matrix printer?
      6009. What is the ‘control' font?
      6010. What is the difference between ‘Ticket' and ‘Receipt' modes?
      6011. How can I set-up a custom paper size under Windows NT/2000/XP?
    7. STAR Two Color Print Support

      7001. Is two color printing supported?
      7002. What is two color direct thermal printing and how does it work?
      7003. What do I need to do for two color thermal printing?
      7004. Do I need special paper?
      7005. What colors are available?
      7006. Where can I obtain Star drivers capable of printing in two colors for my printer?
      7007. Can I store two color logo's using the logo store feature?
      7008. Are Star thermal printer compatible with software designed for a Star dot-matrix printer with a two color ribbon?
    8. STAR Rewrite Card Support

      8001. What kind of software supporting can Star give to SI?
      8002. What is OCX driver?
      8003. How can I enlarge the character size of TCP300II/TCP400 rewrite card printers?
      8004. Does Star TCP300II / Star TCP400 rewrite card printers support GB18030 Chinese character?
      8005. How many logo image data can be stored inside Star TCP300II / Star TCP400 rewrite card printers?
      8006. What is "external image" and "internal image" ?
      8007. How large is the size of data can be stored to magnetic stripe?
      8008. What is MCBF of Star TCP300II / Star TCP400 rewrite card printers?
      8009. How can I prevent "mis-insertion of card direction" by operator?
      8010. How can I convert from image file to bit image data as clear as possible?
      8011. What is the difference of the parameter between "Overwrite" and "added writing" for print command such as 41h in command manual?
      8012. How can I change the baud rate of serial communication?
      8013. How to install card printer driver in Win XP/Vista/7 32bit?
      8014. How to install card printer driver in Win 7/Vista 64bit?
    9. STAR Setup Video

      13400. How to setup a Star TSP LAN printer and cash drawer with the Vend point of sale app for iPad and iPad mini?
      13401. How to setup shopify pos ipad with Star TSP143 LAN Printer and cash drawer?
      10007. How to setup STAR Ethernet Printer?
      10074. How to change TSP743II Near End Sensor Setting
      13882. How to install label into TSP828L[Print & Wait] ?
      13883. How to install label into TSP828L[Continuous printing] ?
      13881. How to install label into TSP828L?
      10070. How to enable TUP592 retract function in windows driver?
      13304. How to install Win 7 driver for STAR Bluetooth Printer ?
      10079. How to read cheque number by STAR HSP7000 Multifunction Receipt Printer?
      13312. How to pair TSP654IIBI Bluetooth desktop receipt printer with Windows?
      13030. Star TSP100 futurePRNT Configuration Utility Video
      13031. How to Add Logos, Coupons and Text Trigger for Star TSP100 futurePRNT?
      13032. How to Set OPOS and JavaPOS Drivers for Star TSP100 futurePRNT?
      13313. How to pair TSP654IIBI Bluetooth printer with Android?
      13314. How to pair TSP654IIBI Bluetooth printer with Apple iPad?
      13033. Star TSP100futurePRNT General Setting Setup
      14001. How to install STAR mobile printer windows driver via COM port?
      13016. How to connect Star TSP100III wifi printer to router [WPS Button]?
      10008. How to set static IP address in STAR printers
      13050. How to connect Star TSP143W, TSP654W, TSP654IIW, TSP743IIW, TSP847IIW, FVP10W, SP742IIW, SP747IIW wifi printer to router?
      13017. How to connect Star TSP100III wifi printer to router [Ad-hoc Mode]?
      13302. How to install Win10 driver for FVP10, TSP650II, TSP700II, TSP800II, SP500, SP700, TUP500, TUP900?
      18000. How to keep STAR rewrite card printer's head clean?
      13018. How to initialize Star TSP100III network setting?
      13303. How to install Win10 driver for mPOP via Bluetooth?
      10005. How to install a STAR USB printer with STARPRNT Drivers?
      13310. How to reset STAR Bluetooth printer?
      10009. How to set IP for STAR TSP143IV / MC-Print by Android device
      10010. How to set ESC/POS emulation for STAR TSP143IV
      10011. How to install Windows driver for STAR TSP143IV
      10004. How to disable DHCP for STAR TSP100IV or MC-Print?
      10001. How to monitor STAR TSP100IV or MC-Print printer remotely?
      10002. How to save receipt copy in cloud for STAR TSP100IV or MC-Print printer?
      10024. Star Mc-Label3/MCL32 Replacement of platen roller
      10021. Star Mc-Label3/MCL32 Cleaning method
      10023. Star Mc-Label3/MCL32 Replacement of cutter unit
      10030. Star TSP654LE (1st Generation) Label Printer Cleaning method
      10031. Star TSP654IILE (2nd Generation) Label Printer Cleaning method
      10012. How to install StarAsia M200 printer Status Indicator?
      13019. How to initialize Star TSP100IV network setting?
      13315. How to setup StarAsia M200 printer status indicator?
    10. STAR mPOP Support

      9001. How do I open the cash drawer by hand?
  4. STAR Download

    1. STAR mCollection Download

      1. STAR MCL32 Download :

      2. STAR MCP21LB Download :

      3. STAR MCP31 Download :

      4. STAR POP10 Download :

      5. STAR POP10CI Download :

    2. STAR Thermal Printer Download

      1. STAR HSP7000 Download :

      2. STAR TSP043 Download :

      3. STAR TSP043E Download :

      4. STAR TSP1000 Download :

      5. STAR TSP100III Download :

      6. STAR TSP100IV Download :

      7. STAR TSP143IIIW Download :

      8. STAR TSP143IVL Download :

      9. STAR TSP700II Download :

      10. STAR TSP800II Download :

    3. STAR Impact Printer Download

      1. STAR SP298 Download :

      2. STAR SP322II Download :

      3. STAR SP6000 Download :

      4. STAR SP700 Download :

    4. STAR Portable Printer Download

      1. STAR L200 Download :

      2. STAR L300 Download :

      3. STAR S220i Download :

      4. STAR T300 Download :

      5. STAR T300i Download :

    5. STAR Printer Mechanism Download

      1. STAR SK1-311 Download :

      2. STAR SK1-V311 Download :

      3. STAR SK5-31 Download :

      4. STAR TUP900 Download :

    6. STAR Rewrite Card Download

      1. STAR TCP300II Download :

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  9. 2024/06/24 - STAR Quick Setup Utility for iOS V1.7.0 has been released on Apple Store

    2023/02/28 - SM-T400i Hardware Manual V2.1 is available

    2024/02/18 - Star WebPRNT Browser V3.11.0 is available on Google Play

    2024/06/24 - STARPRNT SDK for Android V5.18.0 is available

    2024/06/24 - STARPRNT SDK for iOS V5.18.0 is available

    2023/02/28 - SM-T300iDB50 Hardware Manual V2.2 is available

    2024/07/08 - STARPRNT Command Manual V3.10 is available

    2023/02/28 - SM-T300DB50 Hardware Manual V1.6 is available

    2022/10/28 - StarPRNT Intelligence Software V3.8.1 is available

    2024/06/24 - STARXPAND SDK for ReactNative V1.7.0 is available